To Do’s 2016

Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January is about 2016. I was going to write about this anyway, so here goes…

My goals, dreams, plans for 2016 (in no particular order) are:

  1. Take the TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
  2. Teach for at least 3 months in Mexico
  3. Paint more
  4. Upload at least 100 photos on Bigstock, iStock, Dreamstime
  5. At least 1 blog post per week (after finishing JusJoJan)
  6. Sell beach house
  7. Get yard cleared up and looking half-way decent again
  8. Query local newspapers about writing for them
  9. Sell article re: Best Burgers on the Beach
  10. Sell article re: Deep in the “Start” of Texas
  11. Write (and sell) at least 6 more articles
  12. Enter at least one local art show
  13. Sail more!
  14. Fix blog issues
  15. Start playing the piano again
  16. Sign on a voyage through Crewseekers, Crewbay, etc.
  17. Go to Panama, investigate moving there
  18. Sail a tall ship to Antarctica!
  19. Explore Vietnam
  20. Thailand for the Songkram festival
  21. Granada for the Hippica I missed last year by a week!
  22. Spend some time in Ireland
  23. Take a cruise (on a big cruise ship)

That’s just a short list. Notice I didn’t put anything on there about losing weight this year. 😉

I think I can actually accomplish all of them down to about #16, even tho I’ll probably still be unemployed. The challenge is going to be for me to stop worrying about being out of work and how long I’ll probably be out of work, and what the heck am I going to do if I’m out of work for so long,etc. STOP letting those worries run me down and just LIVE life for a change!

Thank goodness I was able to prepare at least a little bit for this plunge in the price of oil. I knew I would probably get laid off, just like so many others already had been. I wish I had saved even more, but I’m not one for denying myself everything! I save what I can, but I still like to enjoy life in the meantime. 🙂

The most important thing I have to do this year is renew my USCG license (US Coast Guard). They’re only good for 5 years now. 😦

Without that, I can’t work anywhere. It’ll expire in mid-December, so I have to start getting everything ready to turn in by October at the latest. So, that means I’ll have to be around here. 😦 Otherwise, I think I would just stay down in Mexico teaching (at least until some offshore work starts up again).

I can’t wait til I’m able to RETIRE! Oh, how I wish I could forget about working from now on!!! I’ve been trying to figure out some way to quit working for the last few years. Now that I’ve been laid off and no real hope of a job anytime soon, I’ve been constantly thinking of possible scenarios. What if? What it? So far, I haven’t been able to come up with anything that makes any sense.

It’s a new year and hopefully it will turn out better than the last one. I hope that’s true for ALL of us! Here’s to 2016! 🙂

19 thoughts on “To Do’s 2016

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    • Thank you Amy! I’m glad you liked my blog. I rarely get called a ‘hero’. 😉
      I don’t think I’ll finish that list, but I’m going to try. I’m making a good start. Already been out sailing, to art class (and working on 3 paintings), going out sailing again this coming Saturday, sent one article out in hopes of a sale. I hope I can stay motivated. That’s the hard part for me. I get discouraged too easily.

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      • Me too, Jill. I’m the one person holding me back from the writing career I want. I don’t write as much as I need to. How about we check in with each other and see how it’s going. Maybe we can help one another. No worries if not. One more obligation can tip the scales in the wrong direction.

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      • Sure Amy. I don’t write near as much as I ‘need to’ either. I have to be ‘in the mood’, just like painting, playing music, etc. I haven’t been very motivated to do anything much lately.

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  2. Congratulations on attaining a Class 1 MM. Noticed you mentioned being currently unemployed. Suggest you try enlisting with some of the Mega Yacht crewing agencies. Our son left Princess Cruises with his Class 1, attaining employment one of the largest yacht in the world based in Dubai. He departed that yacht as Staff Captain and did relieve as Master, at only 30. He has just recently moved to a Meddy based yacht of almost the same size as Chief Officer.

    Other option is Dynamic Positioning jobs, which require a DP course, but they are also making excellent money.

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    • Thank you, it was a long hard road! Congrats to your son! I would like to try those yachts, I did some (not nearly so fancy) when I was young. The crewing agents in Ft Lauderdale told me I’m too old and fat to get hired on the fancy ones, so I never tried again.
      Funny you mention DP. I’ve been sailing as SDPO since 2002, but got laid off in Sept due to the drastic drop in the price of oil. I’ve been looking hard for another position since then, can’t even find a job as a deckhand!


      • Our son’s friends are all employed off Vietnam on DP ships.

        For yachts, suggest thinking more globally and check out agencies in UK and Europe. Don’t know the name, but our son started with one based in Hamble or Southampton.

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      • thanks! I had a call from a recruiter about a drillship off Vietnam, but a couple days later they cancelled. I think everyone is afraid to go home, in fear they might lose thier job if they leave for a minute!
        I’ve been working with recruiters all over the world, but only in the offshore sector. I’ll try and find some crewing agencies for yachts. The ones here are all in FL and they are very, very image concious. I just don’t fit their mold.


  3. Here are a few options that I know of
    – NUMAST which is the UK officers union. They post jobs online
    and in their monthly magazine Telegraph.
    – Heather Hawthorne in Vancouver runs a very successful crewing agency –
    – Ocean Crewing Inc – is also Canadian and owned by Brian Barnett, an ex-engineer

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  4. I love the the sense of abundance and optimism I get from this piece. That everything is possible and that the universe provides. Deaseandote lo mejor y que te diviertas mucho en el camino.

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  5. Capt. Jill,
    You venture on many exciting journeys. When dollars are low and longings high, guide your imagination wherever you like, preferably not to the “What Ifs.” A friend told me that “What If’s” are great for novels, but not for living our lives. Happy sails to you! By the way, I liked the title, Deep in the “Start” of Texas. You have a great way with words. Wishing you much success in all areas for 2016 .

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    • You’re right Linda, ‘what ifs’ are no way to live by. I’ve always worried too much, don’t know how to stop that.
      I have just about made up my mind to say the hell with it. If you read my post for today (22nd) you’ll see what I mean.
      Glad you liked the story. Kyle Wagner actually helped with that story. I need to get off my butt and send it off to more magazines.
      Thanks for the encouragement.
      I hope all goes well for you too. 🙂


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