Year of the Fire Monkey

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey: a year of strength and determination. It’s the year of not only setting goals, but also meeting them.

What will your 2016 bring? What goals will you set this year? Which ones will you meet?

That was the beginning of an email I got this morning. It went on to talk about how the prediction calls for a year of prosperity. It ended up trying to sell me financial advice (I didn’t buy it).

I don’t know much about the Chinese zodiac, other than I’m an Ox. All I can say to this prediction is, I sure do hope it comes true! It would be great to actually meet more of my goals this year!

PS- Join in the Just Jot It January challenge here.

PS- Those photos are not actually monkeys, they’re chimps (from the Houston Zoo), but the best photos I could come up with out of my stash. 😉


7 thoughts on “Year of the Fire Monkey

  1. Just before Christmas, I spent a while talking to a very nice guy from China and we touched on the Chinese zodiac. He made the very good point that if you tell other people what animal you are in the Chinese zodiac, you are telling them exactly how old you are. Because although there are 12 signs in both zodiacs, the Chinese one runs on years, not months. So unless you look about 12 years young for your age, anyone can work out your age from your Chinese zodiac sign. Good to know I think.

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  2. I had a Chinese zodiac book years ago and loaned it to someone who never gave it back, and then left the area!
    It was brilliant, as not only did it cover the Chinese years, but also the star signs within, your compatible star signs and Chinese counterparts, and those to avoid.
    The Ex and I were apparently ‘an interesting mix but it works’ (it didn’t), and as I don’t have the book now, I couldn’t tell you what it would have said about Hubby and I. According to our Astrology Charts showing the position of the planets and stars when we were born, we are complete opposites. Hm. I’m not surprised really as there are 6 months between us so the sky would have been ‘the other way up’ by the time I arrived!
    I’m a Taurean Monkey (pretty typical from what I can remember from the book) and Hubby is a Scorpio Goat (Sheep/Ram). Not a good match……… a GREAT one!

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