Maybe Liberals Should Move To Somalia

Saw this in my reader today and I just couldn’t resist. 😉

No, I’m actually NOT against everything liberals say. In fact, I am a liberal, but a CLASSICAL liberal. There is a HUGE difference between a classical liberal and what they have turned into now. Read the post below and please, lets get a discussion going (wait til after Christmas if you want, or argue with me instead of your family over the holidays 😉 )

Express some opposition to a government program, or even the growth thereof, and a leftist will never be far behind to say “If you hate government so much, why don’t you move to Somalia!?!?!” This of course, comes from a profound liberal ignorance of geopolitics. They are under the mistaken impression that since the Somali government collapsed some time ago, and has been referred to by the United Nations as a “failed state” that Somalia is in a state of anarchy.  Were Somalia actually

Source: Maybe Liberals Should Move To Somalia


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