TEFL Call Tonight 2

Please visit my NEW blog (www.captainjillsjourneys.com), I’m not sure how long this one is going to stay up! 

Staying home tonight, waiting for my TEFL conference call to begin.

I signed up for this program on teaching English overseas a few months ago. Another of my attempts to find a way to support myself when I move out of the US.

So far, I haven’t made the move. I still haven’t even taken the actual TEFL course, tho I am getting closer to signing up. I have started actually researching different programs, at different schools.

My old friend from high school just finished his TEFL course and he’s already teaching. So far he’s loving it.

I think if I didn’t have so many bills, I would be much more likely to do it myself. I definitely worry too much.

I hope tonights call will help me get off my ass and make some kind of decision! If I can’t get back offshore, I need to find SOMETHING to do that will bring in some money to pay the bills. I figure if I’m living somewhere cheaper, I won’t be spending so much money. I hope that’s how it works!