What’s Happened Here?

I have no idea what happened here! I went to a blogging workshop back in August and moved my blog to a paid site http://www.captainjillsjourneys.com in order to increase traffic.

Everything was supposed to have moved from here to the new site, including my readers. It’s looking more and more like that did not happen at all. The only thing that did get moved was most of my old posts. I still had to try to figure out how to put back everything else (widgets, etc). I still have not been able to get that all straightened out, my blog looking back the way I want it.

People who clicked on this site were supposed to be automatically redirected to the new site.

Since then, I have had almost NO traffic there. It’s been like I had to completely start over (and now I think that’s exactly what happened there).

I’ve been posting fairly often there, but no likes, not many comments, hardly any views.

I checked back here once or twice since moving and saw NOTHING.

Today, thanks to a follower, I checked back here and see that once again there are views and likes.

I somehow created a HUGE problem for my blog by moving and now I have no idea how to fix it.

Until I can get some help and figure it out, I guess I’ll try and post on BOTH sites.

Please bear with me.





4 thoughts on “What’s Happened Here?

  1. Hi Capt Jill, I remembered you mentioned about this issue before. I am not brave enough to move my blog or even to upgrade it. I am still using the free blog which is running out of space so I created another one instead of bothering to upgrade. I am sort of like starting from scratch too, hardly any followers or likes on my new site. I guess to get the followers, you may have to double blog or reblog as you are already doing ie post on BOTH sites. Anyway, happy blogging… I am a follower on yours… cheers Jess

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    • Hi Jess, Thanks for your comments. Yes, I remember you too. I think we got together in one of the blogging U courses. I haven’t seen you for a while, but I think thats cause I follow you in the reader and I haven’t been able to get to THAT very easily since I moved either. It’s been a real MESS!
      I did just see you on there tonight tho, are both your blogs posting there? Are both of MINE?? ??
      I think you’re right and I’ll have to post on BOTH sites until I can find some help. I’m STILL almost completely computer illiterate and these problems just drive me NUTS!
      To top it off, someone just STOLE all my photos from Nicaragua and a LOT of other important documents and blackmailing me for $1000! Police can do nothing. I have to cry over all that good stuff lost now. 😦
      Good to hear from you, take care Jess


      • Yes we got together in one of the blogging courses. Wow, Jill, I can well imagine the stress you are going through. OMG what a horrible thief. Photos and important documents are priceless. May Santa punish the bad thief ! Please take care. Hugs to you from across the miles.


  2. I’m sorry you’re going through this blog problem! (Especially since you got the paid subscription, so I imagine you must have lost some money from this, too 😦

    I will try and add your other page to my “Blogs I Follow” so I can keep up there, because I’m definitely not getting updates for your activity there…


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