I moved my blog from a free site to the paid .com site I’m using now. Ever since I’ve moved, I’ve had nothing but problems. I can barely even stand to get on here anymore to TRY to make a post!

It’s been incredibly frustrating!

I don’t know how to fix what’s wrong, or even who to ask. Tonight, I had a hell of a time even figuring out how to get to where I COULD make a post! It certainly did not make it easy. WOW!

If it continues like this, I don’t know if I’m going to have the patience to keep it up. It makes me sick! I’ve put over 2 years of hard work into this blog now and at this point, even I can’t do anything with it. 😦

Does ANYBODY out there know anybody who can help me fix these issues and try to get my blog working like it was before?

Can I move it back to the free one and if so, will it return to the way I had it set up before???


14 thoughts on “Frustration!

  1. I have one free and one paid blog on WP. Like them both but they are a bit different. Google any specific problems you are having and someone probably put up a tutorial.

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    • thanks, do you get much difference in interaction between the 2 of yours? I used to get a few likes for my posts, but now I have only 1-2 if that. I don’t know if people aren’t able to ‘like’ posts on the new blog or what?

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      • It’s been about the same for me – if I go out and become a part of the community people visit my blog.


      • I realized that I was no longer following your blog although I have not unfollowed you. I know the blogs I decided to unfollow, believe me! Your’s not one of them. Maybe that had something to do with the swap from free to paid (which would be very stupid!). I’m glad to have read this because I was actually thinking of changing to a paid one myself by might reconsider now…


    • thanks, I tried that already, I’m not exactly on wordpress anymore. Now I’m on hostgator, even tho my blog is still going through wordpress. WordPress tells me I should ask hostgator for help (they’re not much help either).
      It’s very frustrating. I see you liked my about post and followed me (THANK YOU)!! So, I assume it is still possible and not any kind of problem for people to do that (did you have any problems?). But I used to have LOTS of likes and comments on every post and at least a couple of new followers a day. Now, I almost never see anything from even any of my most ‘devoted’ old followers (from before the move) and very rarely see anything from any new people either.
      I’m stumped.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and offer helpful suggestions

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      • Well, Jill, I’m not sure I was of much help, problem when you have “dual” hosts they shift the blame to each other. I think I liked and followed the usual way. I get a white box down to the right that says: follow, following. Let me check again how this worked.

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      • thanks! I’m not sure how it all works, I had someone move it over for me when I was at a blogging workshop. I had NO idea it would turn out to be such a major PAIN in the ass! I’m almost ready to go right back to wordpress, but then I don’t know if it would help or make things even worse moving again.

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      • Moving back to wordpress may be an option, but it could mean starting over. I understand that once you change a username you cannot change it again. Another friend west517 changed her blog to a “Pro” one and had to go through a lot of problems. It’s always a matter of time. Have a good week-end

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      • thanks, it looks like my old one is still there, especially since you signed up to the one with wordpress in the name! thanks for your help, I’ll try to get together with a wordpress ‘guru’ later next week. Hope to be able to find the time to get this straightened out. 🙂

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      • Good luck on that. The Wp site is still running then? It’s the one I saw. Try to grab a guru. Since they change the menu all the time, you will have to “go to your site” and browse the menu options. I found one relatively quick.


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