I’m making some changes to my blog. I’m finishing up the blogging workshop and decided now was a good time to do this.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do or how it will work out. I do have some help here at the moment.

I hope I don’t screw things up too badly! It will probably take another couple of days (at least) before I’m comfortable again.

7 thoughts on “Changes

    • thanks! I took that picture in Singapore a couple of years ago. We sat in the anchorage there for a while. In and out, back and forth for sea trials. It was a very busy place. I only wish they would have arranged for a launch so we could go ashore. I had to wait til it was time to go home to do any exploring there.


  1. Ha! Now I understand why you liked my comment, some of us newbies are lost and totally without help because our problems are of no interest for precisely those who could help us out… I was planning on doing what you just did cuz it seems that now people are unable to see my buttons!! Imagine!! I wanted to add a plugin but was unable to… I truly feel something or someone is above all this and decides who’s going to have problems who is going to have it easy… Everything was going ok until it changed and my email subscribers could not see my like or share or any of my media buttons anymore. I’m not stupid. I know I haven,t changed anything, Why would I have it was going perfectly well before ??? God knows what happened. I wanted to export my wordpress to a .org hosted site by blue something but reading you …seems I’m better off to stay like I am. Feels like someone has decided that our pages are not worth it.

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    • Yeah, I am lost. I am NOT a computer whiz, I can barely figure out how to check my email, so this blogging has been a real challenge for me. I thought I was doing fairly OK with it, but I have always wanted to ‘monetize’ it and I had understood that was not possible with a blog. So, while I was in the blogging workshop, I figured that was the time to make the switch if I was ever going to do it. I think now I made a BAD mistake! Maybe not, but I am totally lost as to what went wrong or how to fix it. I think I must have the same issue as you with the buttons, I used to get quite a few likes every day and at least a couple of new followers every week. Now I barely get 1-2 likes and only 3 new followers since I switched in August. I am incredibly frustrated. I feel like all my work has been wasted, just thrown in the garbage heap. I am trying to dig it out, but it must be buried in there pretty deep. I will still try to get my blog back to working correctly here at .com, but I would suggest unless you REALLY need to move it, you’re probably better off staying where you are. Lesson learned. 😦


      • TY!! I did find the step by step guide very simple to use though I have not actually DONE it so… I know how it feels to see a couples of years of work go down the drain…. It’s cruel… Like destroying a painting… Our blog become parts of who we are, fill a certain void we have and gives me a sense of purpose. Just don,t give up man!! You know you can’t!

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      • My problem has always been finding the time to work through all that. I don’t have much time to spend online. I also don’t have much patience. 😉 I tried to get help from someone who knew what they were doing, but since it was long distance, I think it didn’t work as well as intended.
        You’re right, I do feel a big attachment to my blog, I’ve spent a lot of time and thought on it over a couple of years now. I know some people blog just for their own satisfaction and I do it some for that too, but I also want to blast it out there to the world and it’s bothering me a lot that it doesn’t seem to be working that way anymore.
        Did you get your buttons fixed?


      • Nope and I know for sure it ain’t my fault. I did something I shouldn’t have done or?? And if I did such a thing it was totally unknowingly!! Atill looking to have those button s up for everybody!! As it used to be!


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