Obamacare Sticker Shock Arrives: Insurance Premiums To Soar 20-40%

Well, DUH! Anyone with even an ounce of economic sense KNEW this would be the result as soon as they came out with this scam. Hard to believe so many people fell for it. I hope they throw the whole thing out and get it over with soon. It will never work, it CAN never work! It is against all the laws of economics and human nature and until those laws are changed, there is NO way it will ever do anything but bankrupt the country.
We need to return to the (semi) free market system we had, where we had very good health care at affordable prices. Get the government OUT of health care and we can fix what is actually wrong with it.

2012 The Awakening

Note: As if Americans need anything else to be angry about, here we go with more corporate based debt slavery arriving on our doorstep. Me thinks this hairball is about to unravel in a very ugly manner.

So be prepared and lay low until after shtf – because as tyranny like this unfolds, it’s surely coming….sooner than later.

Have a blessed week! {~A~}

Tyler Durden's picture

Two months ago, we outlined why the CPI-boosting Affordable Care Act is on the verge of bankrupting that all important driver of the US economic growth engine — the American consumer.

Put simply, inflation in medical care services costs hadn’t yet reared its ugly head because many insurers were as yet unable to gauge the full base-effect impact of Obamacare on their P&L. That, we said, was about to change: “After finally digesting the true cost of Obamacare, any…

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