MIT is Offering All Of Their Courses Online, To Anyone, For Free

this is a great option for many people, there are a lot of options for learning online. Too bad too many places still require that piece of paper before they’ll even consider you for any sort of job. Most people learn more on their own than they do in school.

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MITXBoston, Mass. – For learners who don’t want to invest in a full residential college ride, or who want to avoid the massive amounts of debt associated with university studies, a program called MITx could be a viable alternative.  With the advent of the internet came a revolution of information becoming available to the average person. MIT University took it one step further when they began a program called OpenCourseWare, which allowed anyone to download full course materials for virtually all classes for free.  But the new MITx interactive online learning platform will go further, giving students access to online laboratories, self-assessments and student-to-student discussions.…MORE

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