The Elite Cabal Behind the JFK Assassination

Thanks for sharing!
I was given this video by a friend and watched it a while ago. Most people still refuse to even consider that all is not exactly as we’re told.
I think there is more than enough evidence to say that THAT is a bunch of complete BULLSHIT!
More people need to be exposed to more information, like this video for example.
Here’s to hoping some of my readers will take a look.

The Most Revolutionary Act

JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick

Francis Richard Connolly (2014)

Film Review

This lengthy documentary explores how a handful of super rich American, British and Dutch fascists used their consolidated wealth and power to secretly manipulate the course of modern history. Connolly presents a coherent, well-documented examination of the American robber baron families who financed the rise of Nazi Germany and secretly plotted and financed the JFK assassination. His reconstruction of November 1963 Dealey Plaza events is based on the collected work of reputable assassination researchers, which he lists in the credits.

Introducing the Robber Barons

The film begins with the rise of key monopoly capitalists in the early 20th century: E H Harriman, who borrowed money from the Rothschild banks to create his railroad monopoly; John Rockefeller, who Harriman assisted in creating an oil monopoly; and J P Morgan who borrowed from the Rothschilds to create…

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