Sunset Section 215

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the Senate let the domestic spy program (part of the most bogusly named PATRIOT act) where they collect ALL of YOUR phone records, internet records, etc sunset. I hope to hell the congress will get together and just let it die! Do NOT replace it with the so-called “Freedom Act” (another falsely named bill). These laws are completely unconstitutional and totally unjustified. On top of that they’re just plain wrong. Didn’t we used to hate NAZI Germany and Soviet Russia for treating their people this way? It was wrong when they did it and it is JUST AS WRONG now when WE do it!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe for 1 New York second that the fact that the government is not allowed by law to spy on any American citizen without a valid warrant will stop them from continuing to spy on whoever the hell they want, whenever they damn well feel like it, and warrants be damned!

It has ALWAYS been against the law! The Constitution is still the supreme law of the land and no matter what happens, we should NEVER, EVER trade away our freedoms. I’m not sure about Rand Paul, but he’s most definitely on the right side on this issue. I thank him for his filibuster efforts, I think he did some good.

Sad to say, but most of ‘our leaders’ were slavering over the possibilities after 9-11. They jumped on that disaster like it was manna from heaven! They got everything they’d been asking for- asking for decades! And the people and even most of our congressmen were wise to their game. They refused to violate their oath of office and let their fears overcome their common sense and violate the rights of every American.

People now are getting so used to this state of affairs, like it’s just normal, it’s no big deal. People bring up that stupid old argument , “well, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about”. I call a BIG LOUD BULLSHIT on that tired old excuse! It IS a big deal!

If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with spying on your friends, family and neighbors, digging into every little detail of their lives, then I say there’s something seriously wrong with YOU!

I think it’s LONG past time we all say enough of this BS! Give us back our rights and give them back NOW! The government has NO reason to spy on anyone if they can’t find enough ‘evidence’ to convince a court to give them a warrant to do it. Especially considering that almost all courts are just rubber stamps these days.

Let the spying programs sunset, let the ENTIRE PATRIOT Act expire! Get rid of the NDAA, the NSA and the TSA while we’re at it. We would ALL be a whole lot better off. We need to stop letting our FEAR rule (and ruin) our lives!


6 thoughts on “Sunset Section 215

  1. I basically 100% agree with everything you say, but you and I both know the government never gets rid of a program once they enact it. They may change the name of it but it isn’t going anywhere.

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    • Well, it’s still nice to know someone agrees with me. 😉
      Yeah, I know, it’s almost impossible to truely reform government. I just keep hoping that if enough people would get together and just say ENOUGH! then they would have to back down.
      The problem is that it seems that most people are perfectly OK with it all. I feel like I must have just landed from outer space sometimes, their view points are so totally alien to me. I really just don’t understand it at all. It’s incredibly frustrating and depressing. I just try to keep my hopes up by planning my escape. I just hope someday I can really do it.


  2. Wow, lady, don’t you know that this blog post is good for at least one “frowny face” on your permanent record? I heard on an info-news program that the average city dweller is photographed over 200 times each week by surveillance cameras. Since then I have taken to waving at store fronts or other buildings as I enter and mouthing the words, “I love you, big Brother.”

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    • LOL! Great idea you have. I thought about mooning them before, but my jeans are too tight. 😉
      Yeah, I’ve got thousands of ‘frowny faces’ on my record by now. I started young. I gave up for a long time because of the lesson I learned then. I had petitioned the city and since 99% of the people signed it, they DID actually change the law! By the time I got back from high school overseas, they had changed it back and huge ugly condos going up all along the beach. They totally destroyed the entire community we had there.
      I only got back in the fight after I moved to Texas and learned about the Libertarian Party, it was so nice to find out there were others who felt just as strongly as I did about getting our freedom back. I had a great time getting involved with them when I was living in Austin, we even put on a TV show.
      We don’t have much of a LP group where I live now, but there is a Campaign for Liberty group which was formed as a Ron Paul support group , they’re mostly republicans but leaning more and more libertarian. We try to work on the local level and also state of Texas.
      I’ll keep fighting now until they drag me off or I manage to escape to somewhere better than what the US has become. Yes, there ARE places like that!

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    • Thanks for sharing. I don’t think many people look at things the same way as I do. I keep hoping if enough people start to really THINK about all the things they’ve been doing to us over the last few decades, they would put a stop to it all.


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