Proving Pictures

I’ve been out doing some errands today. I went around to my rental properties to take some pictures. The taxman is somehow claiming (again) that my properties are all worth SO much more this year than last. Most of them have gone up tens of thousands of dollars in appraised value and some even more than doubled!

Hard to believe? Yeah, it is hard to believe, especially since every single one of them has deteriorated since last year and the market sure as hell has not improved enough so that people are just throwing money at the kind of crap I own!

So, I was out taking pictures to prove to the tax assessors that they should not appraise my properties at such high values. No one in their right mind would offer anywhere near the price they claim my property is worth!

It really irks me that I have to do this EVERY year! I can only imagine how many people just can’t get out and around and do all the things necessary to protest every year. How many people wind up losing their property because of this crap! I can only imagine how much MORE of my money would go down the drain every single year if I wasn’t able to get down there to argue with them every single year!

I’m sure the tax guys are happy as hell that most people just never can get around to protesting the exorbitant property taxes we have around here. I can’t believe how much money is totally WASTED around here on total BS! Things we do NOT need, but make people feel better. The people who run this country/county/city/town just love to scare the hell out of people by telling them if they don’t raise the taxes then things will just go straight to hell! What a hell of a scam they have going on!

Then the cities get in on the act and fine the hell out of people for not doing the yard work and home maintenance up to their required standards. Knowing full well that they’ve made it too expensive for most everyone to comply. With all the added rules and regulations causing prices to skyrocket to do the work!  Eventually, the city comes around and condemns your property and then they steal it for a song!

Yeah, hard to believe. Little power hungry authoritarian ‘elites’ making decisions that completely change the course of someone else’s life! This used to be a free country. Not so much anymore. You think you own property here? Think again when your property tax comes due!

I just HOPE all my photos will prove that my property is NOT worth as much as they claim! I’m fighting a losing battle, my property has already gone up more than double since I bought it in 2005! I’m sure some people think that’s a good thing. Yeah, it might be IF you’re trying to sell. If you’re not selling, its a really BAD thing!


8 thoughts on “Proving Pictures

    • I’m sure gonna try! Are you spending more time in Panama? I tried to go down there in Jan, but my background check was already expired. Then I found out work had cut my pay by a huge amount, so good thing I didn’t go then! We’re all expecting to be fired at any time. Maybe I can take a nice vacation then???


  1. Read an interesting ‘property for sale’ draft yesterday.
    ‘New to the market! Priced for quick sale!’ detail were for three bedroomed ex council property. The owners wanted to sell, but only as an investment to the purchaser so that they could stay in the property as tenants!
    This apparently is the latest ‘craze’ to hit the UK, thus stopping people looking for property to buy who actually want to live there!!!!

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    • wow! I had an offer from my tenents to buy one place. They offered $35,000. That’s about what they pay for 4.5 years in rent. Of course I turned them down. They haven’t made another offer yet. I do need to raise the rent but hate the idea of the place being empty for months!
      What’s ‘ex council” property?


      • These are council properties which have been made available to purchase to the tenants at a discounted price. The present government are reintroducing the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme. My partner many years ago and I purchased the council house we were living in with a discount of some £8000 which was a lot of money in the 80s. So, when it is resold at a later date, it is advertised as an ex council property. The thing is, the councils haven’t been building replacements with the funds, which is what the intention was!

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      • so council is like city council? some government program?
        We have something similar I think. We call it HUD (housing and urban development) , they have various programs. The one I keep getting told I need is “section 8”. I can get tenants rent guaranteed to be paid by the government Sounds like a good deal, but they want SO many things done! I don’t want anything to do with it. WAY too many strings attached!


      • Tenants rent paid by the government sounds similar to our DSS (dept social security) schemes. We have city and borough councils, but the right to buy has to be agreed by government I believe.

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