I got home from offshore the other day and I’m still trying to get back in sync with things around here. I’m still pretty far off the sleep schedule, but slowly getting back to normal.

Last night I stayed up late watching TV. I watched Saturday Night Live, then stayed up for the Texas Music Scene and the Conspiracy Show. Yeah, I love all that stuff!

  • Humor- not politically correct.
  • Music- that never gets played on the radio, (or maybe only on KPFT).
  • Conspiracy theories- too many questions for the ‘official story’ to be accepted as told (no, I don’t believe all that stuff, I just think the questions they bring up are VERY interesting and deserve a wider audience).

Those are 3 of my favorite shows! Too bad they’re on so late at night. Then again, if they were on in the daytime, I’d never be around to watch them.

During the day yesterday, I cooked up some banana nut muffins and a big pot of 15 bean soup with the hambone I had left from last time home (I cut up the ham and froze most of it for later). I worked through a bunch of paperwork: mail, bills, etc. I got online and made a few blog posts. I did some Facebooking. I took a walk and checked out how my plants were doing (lots of tiny lemons, raspberries barely growing, grapes on 1 vine!).

So today was just a lazy Sunday. I slept late, got up around noon. I made it out to the store to pick up a few things (strawberries on sale). I read the Sunday papers. I registered for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and the KP Happy Hour.

The conference starts tomorrow and goes on all week but I’ll probably only go on Tuesday. It’s a HUGE big deal here in Houston every year. You can find out all about everything to do with oil drilling. I think it’s pretty interesting and try to go if I’m in town. Good thing I live nearby tho, since almost every hotel room in Houston was already booked up yesterday.

I guess tomorrow I’ll keep on with the paperwork and maaaybe even get started on the taxes! I got my property tax appraisals in the mail and oh boy did it get me going! They doubled the price on most everything! That’s a post for another day.

I’m trying to stay mellow!


2 thoughts on “Chillin’

    • No, I do 12/12. The problem is only flying halfway around the world and then going right to work! Up for something like 68 hours and can never catch up the whole time I’m there. It would seem like 12 hours off at one time would be plenty. But you have to take into account you don’t really HAVE 12 whole hours! Last hitch I worked midnight-noon. I usually got off the bridge at around 1230, went down to eat lunch. Finished up around 1300. Went up to the room, tried to check the email. Tried to go to sleep by 1500. Up at 2230. So that’s 7.5 hours. That’s cool, IF that was how things worked most days. Most days, there’s some sort of noise or meeting you have to stay up for or drill. Weekends are always screwed up with safety meeting one day and drills the next. Of course, we don’t get paid overtime for anything either. I do this schedule until I just can’t anymore and fall asleep right after watch and sleep until 2230 when I have to get up. That’ll give me a good 10 hours and I’ll feel good for a couple of days! I can’t really get caught up until I get home and even then it takes me about a week.

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