PHILADELPHIA Classic Cheesecake Recipe – Kraft Recipes.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE cheesecake! I have a cookbook at home with recipes for about 100 different kinds and I could eat it every day. 🙂

I haven’t been too impressed with the cooking over here offshore Africa. I thought at first it was because it must be really hard to get good ingredients. I’ve heard since that other rigs do manage somehow to have the usual excellent food we’re used to working out here, so now I’m not sure what to think.

Our cooks here have been making a dessert lately. It is like cheesecake in a pan. It doesn’t have a crust, which IMHO is no great loss. Probably saves some calories even. It doesn’t look anywhere near as impressive as the picture at the top of the post, but it does taste just like a classic cheesecake. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cheesecake

  1. Best cheesecake I tasted was in NZ and made from scratch by my sister-in-law’s brother-in-law, who simply loved to cook. It was he who cooked the snapper fish I caught (and the rest of our catch) in my fishing trip post.

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    • always great to have a good cook around. I can make a mean cheesecake, but don’t do it very often since I live alone now and would have to eat the entire thing by myself or throw half of it out. (My freezer is already full. 😉

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  2. I love cheesecake but have become picky about it over the last few years – I really like a more homemade version, rather than the denser versions. Not that I pass up the latter, I just prefer the former. I mean, cheesecake is cheesecake.

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