This Is How The Elite Stay In Power. The World Needs To Know

Thanks for sharing! This is absolutely the truth! We ALL need to work together against our common adversary. It’s a real shame how easily they tear us apart over the silliest things (race, religion, etc). Time to wake up and reclaim OUR power and OUR lives!

peoples trust toronto

Greed, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction, war? how do they, at the top of the hierarchy, pull it off? How can a system in which so few make the important decisions, be able to sit comfortably in their pile of wealth while the rest of the world goes to waste? How can a small group of men in suits be able to direct the current in which an entire human society moves?

It?s Simpler Than Most Think

We think it?s complicated. We think that their power is acquired in a very complex, political and scientific way. And it sure may seem that way behind the scenes. But there?s one thing we forget to ask: What is the life force of this system?

With all of the police versus protester conflict and race wars going on as of late, I felt inspired to deliver a message that I believe we need to be reminded…

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