Poseidons Christmas Dinner

Our catering department stepped up their game and came up with a fantastic Christmas dinner for the crew. The European tradition is for seafood for the holiday. So we had shrimp, mussels, salmon, fresh tuna and lobsters. Appetizers were various cheeses, crackers and homemade pates. We had roast beef, baked chickens, cold meats, even a roast suckling pig. For dessert we had fruits and nuts, cookies and cakes, ice cream and puddings. Our Italian clients even had a  special delivery of enough panettone for everyone to try a taste. Everyone enjoyed the feast. 🙂

We don’t really appreciate the catering crew enough out here on these rigs. I have to give them all a big hand.


6 thoughts on “Poseidons Christmas Dinner

  1. Ah, Christmas at sea. Steward department steps up their game a few notches (we all hope anyway) and a few extra dollars to spend. Fortunately, this year I’m sailing with one of the best stewards I’ve ever sailed with over the many years. Yea for a stuffed belly and serious sweet tooth.


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  3. I love following your site. I live in a little town in Colorado, and when I first caught a glimpse of your site I loved your pictures. You lead such an interesting life, wow!!! I look forward to many more interesting stories. Funny thing is: I am very afraid of the water. I just learned to swim when I was over 50; after my very young grandson said “you can do this Maca, just put your head in the water like this”. It was all so precious and funny, I had no choice but to try to overcome my fear!! (I struggle with it every summer)


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