Mediterranean Gardens: Great Gyros!

I just got in from my regular Tuesday night meeting. Lately we’ve been going to the Mediterranean Gardens, a local Greek/Cajun restaurant. They have the best gyros in town (and really great French Dip sandwiches). Also, the baklava is really good.

But I don’t actually go there for the food. I go there for our weekly Campaign for Liberty meetups. I go there to get my weekly political fix. I can go out, have a good meal and talk politics with people who (mostly) agree with me. That’s a nice change. 😉

We talk about all kinds of things… The history of the United States, the proper function of government, the role of the Federal Reserve, the situation with our money/dollar/debt, who’s running for office (local, state, national) and do we like their plans or not…

Then we try to come up with projects to work on and things to do to increase our membership. We started a community garden (pesticide and GMO free), we’ve shown a couple of movies (Behold a Pale Horse, Atlas Shrugged), gone to a few rallies, etc. It’s really hard to do much if you don’t have a very large group of people involved. People are just so busy trying to survive now, they don’t have the time to get involved.

It’s a catch 22 situation. People are too busy to get involved, but if they don’t get involved, things will only continue to get worse and they’ll have even less time to do the things they would really like to. Instead they’ll be working harder and longer to pay the bills (and TAXES).

I have to admit. I don’t have the ability to do as much as some of the people that go. I just don’t have the energy, but I sure am glad that those other people are working so hard to keep it all going.

I wish more people really understood and took to heart the founding documents of our country. We are unique in the history of the world. These principles, that the government is made to serve US and NOT the other way around, are what made this country special. The Declaration of Independence says it perfectly…


4 thoughts on “Mediterranean Gardens: Great Gyros!

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  2. WoW Jill….Greek/Cajun???….I need an address and a take-out phone number please. Nobody here in sunny Florida can make a Real Gyro worth a darn. And that would be coming from a Greek-Jewish-Eskimo like myself who craves the flav! Please don’t ask – it’s complicated but true. Glad you’re proud of our distinguished Representative Ron Paul. He’s solid, honest, and true. Funny how great minds think alike. But please….get me the number! Love from sunny Florida, crap it’s cold tonight 49°F -I’m sailing South next winter. Be Safe.


  3. Nothing in FL?? Haven’t you tried Tarpon Springs? We always used to haul our boat out up there and they had plenty of good Greek food. I don’t remember any Cajun tho. My first job (other than for my dad) was washing dishes at the Little House in Johns Pass. They had some pretty good Greek stuff too, the owner was Greek. I’ll give you the info here but I don’t think it’ll still be hot by the time it gets to you. 😉


    The Cajun Greek Seafood Grill

    Address: 1130 Texas 332, Clute, TX 77531
    Phone:(979) 297-1100
    Hours: Open today · 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

    Oh yeah, I love Ron Paul! He was our representative here for years and even tho most people seem to like their own guy. I really think RP was the ONLY one in congress who both read and understood the Constitution. He really did his job and stood up for following that Constitution no matter how much crap he had to take for it. We need more like that!

    So, where are you sailing off to? I’m TRYING to make my way to Panama asap, but still too much to do here to leave yet.


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