Photography 101 Challenge: Moment

At first I thought it said movement, but then I saw it was really moment, but the assignment (Day 13) is still to play around with blur and movement. I think there are a lot of ways to interpret this one. 🙂

I’m still stuck in class all day and it’s way too cold out here for me to go out (and I have no transportation either), so I’ve been picking out old photos to try and illustrate the themes for the challenges.

Here’s a photo I took in New Orleans last winter. I loved watching this couple dance and listen to the band play in the street. New Orleans is really great for this kind of thing. 🙂

It’s not really blurry, but I hope you can get the idea of motion anyway. The couple was really dancing up a storm (swing, jitterbug, etc.), the musicians were all tapping their toes and swaying to the music and everyone was having a great time.

I didn’t think to buy a CD from this band, I wish I remembered their name. But I did get one from another one that was playing further up the street. Here’s a post I did about that one. Check it out, the music’s worth a listen. 😉


8 thoughts on “Photography 101 Challenge: Moment

    • I always love to go to New Orleans. I’m hoping to be able to go back again soon for the Workboat Show. I thought I was going to miss it for sure, but now it looks like there might be a small chance I can go (1st week of December).
      You performed there? Where? Doing What??


    • thank you, I’m glad you liked it. When I took this photo, I wasn’t even thinking about photography, I just had got into the habit of carrying my little point and shoot and taking pictures of everything all the time. I really enjoyed watching them and the music was fantastic too. Did you listen to the song?


      • I didn’t realize I could listen, I was so taken with the visual. I’ll listen. I remember when a photography teacher recommended we try using a point-n-shoot back in the days we used manual SLRs. Now I use it more than my DSLR. So much easier to carry.


  1. This is a cool photo Jill, and I agree with you about NOLA being a great place for street music. I wrote a post featuring some street musicians, and amazingly, the video I shot has the same bass player. I think that you’ll enjoy it:

    Also, this a youtube link which features a wonderful band, singer, and two incredibly talented dancers:

    ~Have a great Thanksgiving. ~James

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