Photography 101 Challenge: Solitude

As usual, I’m late and having a hard time keeping up with the tasks for the Photography 101 challenge. This is my photo for the Day 5: Solitude assignment.

This was a little easier for me than the last one (bliss).  I don’t normally take a lot of pictures of people, but I do sometimes catch them in a photo if I see something that just happens to catch my eye.

I took a lot more than usual people pictures on my recent trip to Korea. This was taken in Busan back in April. I’m not sure why, but this is one of my favorite pictures from that trip. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Photography 101 Challenge: Solitude

  1. I can see why this is one of your favorites. The solid wooden floors with the observation glass area is “open” at the moment, but as I take in the image, I can see sometimes it is cordoned off, evidenced by the theater roping. That makes me believe this may be a special occasion, or the area is supposed to be closed. He took advantage of an opportune time to slip past the person that usually keeps people away from the glass. Surrounded by water on a dismal day with a rocky crag of an island in the near distance framed by a bare horizon makes me feel like i am miles and miles from land. No one in sight, except for the lone soul that slipped up there to glimpse what may be ahead. While he is heavy in thought, one can only imagine what he may be thinking. You captured a book right here child!!! Good/great job!!


    • Thanks for your comment, it’s very insightful. I like what you had to say about it. I usually don’t think that much about my photos. This was actually taken at a gallery at a park. Opposite the windows they had a show of a bunch of photographs of a famous lady (I forgot her name). The ropes were supposed to be in front of the photos. I loved the scenery there. It was so wild with the high rocky peaks coming sharply right down into the ocean. Lots of ships passing by. Seabirds to watch. Smell the seaweed. I really enjoyed my time there.

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