I tired to vote on election day. I always try to (even tho I seriously doubt it does any good). Since I knew I would be at work on the ship, I filed for an absentee ballot. I sent it in. I even checked off the box for EMAIL. I had some slim hopes that the mail would deliver my ballot in time for me to vote in this election.

It seems they can’t get an envelope from Texas to Angola in 3 weeks, never mind that I never would have been able to mail it back to them in order to be counted before it was too late. So, NO, I did NOT get to vote in this election. 😦

I am very disappointed, mostly because in contrast to the people who constantly tell me I’m wasting my vote by choosing to vote Libertarian, I am NOT wasting my vote at all. In fact, my vote counts 100 times more than theirs will.

By voting 3rd party, I am making my voice heard. I am emphatically stating that the way things have been going for the last 100 years is NOT acceptable!!!

I try not to pay any attention to politics. My friends will probably disagree with that statement. Especially since it may seem like that’s all they ever see me posting about on Facebook.

Sometimes I get carried away with it in personal discussions. Some have even accused me of ‘ranting’ on certain issues.

Yes, I have to admit, it’s almost impossible to avoid the politics any more in the USA. I have come to envy certain people. I really don’t know how they manage to do it. To completely ignore everything that’s going on in the world around them.

They’re happy to just live in their own little world and ignore all the continual and constant additional rules and regulations being piled upon us every day. The constant violations of our ‘god-given’, or as I prefer to call them, natural rights.

It helps to be retired, or otherwise not concerned with a job. It helps to not have to leave the house. I think even if I could live that way I would still be bothered just by the fact that any time they want, the government could choose to destroy you personally (KILL YOU on a WHIM, read up on the PATRIOT ACT and/or NDAA) and everything you’ve ever worked for in your life (Google asset forfeiture).

I’ll never understand how so many people just continue to totally ignore that fact and just go on with their lives like everything is perfectly fine.

It’s NOT. 😦


4 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. Third party would be nice, but it is not a reality. What we need is to shake up and dismantle the already existing parties. Libertarians and Conservatives are so similar that we need to unite, take back the Republican Party and restore our freedoms!


  2. If we could get rid of the “professional” politians and get everyday regular people elected things would change. However it won’t happen because there is too much money at stake. Why else would someone spend millions for a job that pays a couple hundred thousand a year? Lord Acton said ” power corupts and absolute power corupts absolutely”


  3. The people are all powerful, the person is impotent.

    Just as the advent of in home air conditioning destroyed neighborhood cohesiveness, in this digital age the solo participation in so-called social media has created a culture of recluses whose only friends are verbs.

    The town halls, where change might actually be made, are empty while we as a group continue to merely re-identify the problems and feel fulfilled when someone agrees with our online positions.

    Want change? Head to the palisades, torches and pitchforks in hand. That’ll get their attention.


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