Which Wine Goes With Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Which Wine Goes With Your Favorite Halloween Candy?.

Halloween is my favorite holiday (after St Patricks Day). Since I’ll be working (again) this year on Halloween, I won’t be able to enjoy any of my favorite wine (or candy). 😦

I never was much of a wine snob. I like sweet wine but I don’t know enough about different wines to drink it much anymore. I don’t like to buy a bottle to try it, only to get home, open it up and find out I hate it and just wind up dumping the whole thing down the drain.

I hate to waste good food or drinks. I have a bottle of wine in my fridge that’s been in there for a year now. Maybe I’ll get around to drinking it soon. Who knows what it tastes like at this point?

My favorite wine (when I was drinking a lot of it) was Cello Lambrusco. I could always get that kind since that was what my dad drank around the house. It came in gallon jugs. πŸ™‚

If he was still alive, my dad would probably be charged and heavily fined now for “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” for allowing me to have a glass of wine every now and again, but my grandmother was Italian and wine with meals was a given. πŸ™‚

My other available choices back then were MD 20/20, Night Train, Ripple or Thunderbird (all affectionately known as ‘Bum wines”). πŸ™‚

I wasn’t really a bum at that point (I was still in school), but my grandmother used to get on my case all the time about hanging around with a lot of them. πŸ˜‰

Well, yeah, I did. But what’s wrong with that?

How else to get your booze supply when you’re underage in the USA?

Talking Thunderbird Blues- Townes Van Zandt

Among the strangest things I ever heard
Was when a friend of mine said “man, let’s get some thunderbird”
I said “what’s that? ” he just started to grin
Slobbered on his shirt, his eyes got dim
He said “you got fifty-nine cents? “

I said “yeah, I got a dollar, but don’t be a smart-aleck
I ain’t gonna spend it on no indian relic”
And he said “thunderbird’s not an old indian trinket,
It’s a wine, man, you take it home and drink it.”
I said “it sure don’t sound like wine to me”
And he said he’d bet me the change from my dollar

We hustled on down to the nearest u-tate-um
The guy wanted my id, I whipped her out and showed him
He got a green bottle from the freezing vault
My friend started doing backward somersaults
Through the cottage cheese

Took it back to his house, started drinkin’
Pretty soon I set in to thinkin’
“man, this thunderbird tastes yummy, yummy, yummy
And I know it’s doing good things to my tummy, tum…, t…”
It’s so you reason when your on that crap

Got a few more bottles, chugged them down
I pulled myself up off the ground
Decided I go see my dearest sweet wife
Who met me at the door with a carving knife
Said “get them damn grape peel from between your teeth.”

I could see we’re gonna have a little misunderstanding
I said “dear, I better get in touch with you later”
She said “forget it, man, you’re never touchin’ me again!”

Now I’ve seen the light and heard the word
And I’m staying away from that ol’ dirty thunderbird
A message come from heaven radiant, and fine,
All I drink now is communion wine
Six days a week


4 thoughts on “Which Wine Goes With Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

  1. This one made me laugh! We used to sink a net full of Mad Dog 20/20 below the tide line when I was working as a 19-year old up in the Bay of Fundy. 41 degree water in August. I used to wonder (out loud) if red wine is good with beef, and white with fish, what do you pair with green and blue?
    I know wines now, as an adult, but it’s still a game of make pretend. A fine Boone’s Farm is just as good as a Tokay, in my book. Just as I prefer cheap light beer to fancy IPA’s. I get more pleasure out of a suitcase of Busch Light than I do out of a 4-pack of Magic Hat. Only whisky actually is worth the spending for quality, IMHO.


    • Yeah, I’m the same. I like to drink stuff more when I like the taste of it. I remember trying some wine when I was up in Portland. It was really nice. I had them ship a case of it home for me. I really liked it. I bought it cause I could taste it there at the farmers market where I bought it. I would never buy a case of anything if I didn’t already know I liked it.
      As for beer, I don’t drink it for the taste. I drink it to get a buzz. πŸ˜‰ I usually just drink Miller Lite or whatever’s cheapest. We had a BBQ out here yesterday. They have near beer. I really don’t see the point of that.


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