Well, I made it through another security theater without blowing my top.

I waver between frustrated anger at the fact that these people all think they’re doing me some sort of favor by stripping me of my ‘god-given’ (Constitutional- Natural) rights along with my clothing and my dignity, and incredible sadness and depression over the fact that the American people put up with all this TOTAL BULLSHIT with barely a whimper of submission.

I wonder how in the hell did a country full of risk takers, who ALL (other than the Indians) came here from somewhere else, leaving everything behind to make a new life for themselves in the land of the FREE, turn into such a bunch of whiny, irresponsible, scared shitless morons every time ‘our’ government whips up a fear frenzy?

I wonder how many people REALLY believe that “our government” has our best interests at heart, is only doing what it “has to” to ‘protect us’, is only ‘doing its job’? I wonder how in the hell they could POSSIBLY still believe all that CRAP when it’s been proven over and over and over again that ‘our’ government is full of evil bastards who would kill their own grandma if it would get them even an ounce more power!

I wonder how is it possible they’re still willing to give ‘our government’ the benefit of the doubt when it’s been proven over and over and over again how it has stolen our wealth to grow it’s own power. It’s committed numerous unjustifiable attacks against too many countries to name here. It’s committed crimes against humanity (against it’s own citizens, not just against foreigners)- MANY times in its history.

Doesn’t ANYBODY pay attention to history? Doesn’t ANYBODY think about what the hell they’re REALLY planning?

Does anybody think Americans will ever grow some balls like the people in Hong Kong have?

I wish them all the luck in the world over there. I hope they can save themselves and their country. I hope the Chinese rulers turn out to be more sensible than ‘ours’ are here. I hope they’re successful in saving their freedoms in Hong Kong and I HOPE the Americans can learn a lesson and STAND TOGETHER to fight our common enemy!


2 thoughts on “LAS

  1. So Jill, how do you really feel about it all?

    Seriously, our current situation has been many decades in the making. It wasn’t caused by nebulous institutions such as ‘government’ or ‘capitalism’. Not by any ‘industrial-military’ whatevers. What we are facing today was crafted by very real individuals from various walks of life, with mutually supportive agendas, all working to increase their own wealth and power.

    Beginning around the time of the second world war, and playing on the general apathy of the public, a loosely aligned group has formed a de facto oligarchy that has become like an internal parasite, for which their is no specific poison, eating away at this entity we call America.

    The real catch 22 in all of it is that those in power have managed to rebrand any true solutions as politically incorrect and were able to get the majority of the people to accept that label. And so we have a constant re-identification of our problems, throughout the entire universe of social media, meeting the brick wall of PC resistance to effecting any meaningful change.

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