Rush-Hour Pork Stir-Fry

Rush-Hour Pork Stir-Fry Recipe – Kraft Recipes.

I’ve been busy since I got home working on my taxes. I’m trying hard to get them to the accountant before I leave again next week.

I’m about sick of that so taking a break and cooking tonight. I made a quick and easy stir fry for dinner tonight.

It only slightly resembles the recipe in the picture (but that one looks pretty good too). I fixed mine up with stuff I had around here. Substitute ramen noodles for the broccoli slaw and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what mine looks like. I didn’t have exactly everything the recipe calls for, but I’m very good at improvising. 😉

Basically, I just melted some butter and sauteed some onions (I almost always cook with butter instead of any other kind of fat/oil). I added some pork ‘medallions’ I had saved in the freezer from last time I was home. I just sliced them up real thin. I threw in some mushrooms (cause I always add mushrooms with onions and I like them). 😉

Then I boiled up a pack of ramen noodles. Drained ’em and threw ’em in the skillet with the seasoning packet. Then I added a few pieces of fresh pineapple I’d just got done chopping up for a smoothie (they’re on sale for $0.99). 🙂

I needed some green vegetables so I added some frozen broccoli to the mix. I was going to add some peas too, but the broccoli looked good enough.

I didn’t have the “Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing” the Kraft recipe calls for, but I did add the garlic and soy sauce to the pot. I like sweets, so I also added some honey.

All in all, it came out really good. It only took me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. I’ve got plenty for leftovers I can have in a day or 2. I think if you make this recipe the way I made it, you can figure on feeding 2 people if they’re hungry, 4 if they’re not. 😉

You can easily scale it up or down depending on how many you want to feed. I don’t usually cook from a recipe or strict measurements, I throw in ingredients by look and by taste. If I think it looks or sounds good, like it’ll go together, I’ll try it.

I like to TRY and cook for 2, that way I always have leftovers and so if I don’t feel like cooking again soon, I can have the leftovers.


Any comment? questions? suggestions? Speak up!

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