Luggage In Limbo

I’m still here, but my luggage still isn’t!

I THOUGHT I finally had some good news today on the luggage front. I called the company who was tracking it down and they told me they had it and it would be delivered to my hotel tonight. πŸ™‚

When I got to the hotel, the desk clerks told me they had good news for me with big smiles on their faces (they’ve been so nice and helpful to me since I’ve been here). They told me my luggage had arrived and they had already put it in my room.

I went to my room with a spring in my step.


When I opened the door, there was a big black bag sitting there. Too bad it wasn’t mine. It didn’t look anything like mine. It wasn’t even from the same flight or even the same airline!

So, I had to get on the phone to TRY (again) to get this straightened out. Of course, there is no one there to help me at this time of night. They are not there before I have to go to class, they are not there after I get out.

I spent 2 hours on the hotel phone tonight and still got NOWHERE. I finally found an email address to write to (online- nobody I spoke to on the phone would give me that valuable information). I sent them an email explaining the situation and TRYING to hold in my anger and frustration. Hopefully they will respond in the morning so I will be able to answer it before I leave for school (I seriously doubt that will happen).

I only have a US cell phone and so I have been TRYING to avoid having to sit on hold for hours at a time on an overseas call while TRYING to find someone to find out what happened to MY baggage.

Not to mention the poor soul who’s luggage showed up in my room tonight.


Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of the lost luggage…

Oh yeah, we did get to launch the free fall lifeboats today! Whooo! What a rush! I got some pictures and videos but too tired tonight to post it. I’ll get to it before too long. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Luggage In Limbo

  1. Ohh Jill. There is nothing worse than terrible customer service when travelling. I had some major problems with American Airlines last week (which I blogged about earlier). Obviously you would like your bag back, but does your credit card insurance at least cover you for a certain amount to replace some of the contents if your back has been missing for awhile?


    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, the cc company and the airlines would compensate me for some of my things. The problem I have here is that I’m here to take a course and so not able to spend the time on the phone that would take. I think they told me I’ve spent over 30 pounds already on the hotel phone! I did finally get my bag back. πŸ™‚
      Now, I just have to hope they don’t lose it again on the way to Angola. Thats a much more iffy situation than it was to get here. 😦


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