Catching Up: Capt Jill

I made it home from my trip to Korea! I thought for a while there that I might not. I had a really close connection in Bejing, only an hour. I had an hour and 20 minutes when I flew to Korea and barely made that!

I tried to ask Air China to give me my boarding pass in Seoul so I could shave a few minutes off in the airport, but that was a no-go. I tried to get United (which was who I got the flight with originally) to pull some strings, but they couldn’t do anything either.

My flight into Beijing was over 20 minutes late landing, so by that time I pretty much figured I was going to miss my connection. The Asiana crew really helped me out. They had a lady waiting for me as soon as I got off the plane to rush me over to the transfer desk and then over to immigration.

I was able to cut to the front of security, but then got held up for what seemed like forever while the security theatre played on. It seems the Chinese have a BIG think about cigarette lighters! (And power cords that I learned about while flying over and had all nice and neat for them).

I finally got through security without having a total breakdown over the pure insanity of it all and rushed off still hoping to catch my plane (which just HAD to be parked at the very last gate!).

I made it with seconds to spare. Thank goodness I caught a ride for the last few gates! I thought I was going to keel over before I got to the plane.

I was SO glad I made my flight. I didn’t even care much that my luggage didn’t make it. I had all my really important stuff with me.

So, now I’m home. It seems that there STILL is no work for me.

So, MAYBE I’ll be able to catch up on things around here. 😉

First off, it seems I’ve caught some sort of bug in my computer. 😦

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but it’s driving me NUTS with the constant ads popping up EVERYWHERE! I had to mute the sound, it’s constantly playing videos. It’s annoying as hell.

I know the wordpress blog tells me that my readers might sometimes see ads on my blog, but I have never seen any of them before. I sure hope it’s not always this blatant!

It’s also putting random links into my posts lately that bring you to even more advertisements. WARNING: If you see a link double underlined, that is NOT one I put there!!!

If it turns out that I have a few days at home, I guess I’ll have to take this computer back to the shop to have it de-bugged again. I hope it’s something simple.

I do have another computer, but this one has all my programs and pictures and everything I work with on it. I really can’t do much with the on the other one…




5 thoughts on “Catching Up: Capt Jill

    • yes, it looks like I’ve got a bug. I just checked my other computer and it doesn’t have the same issues (just OTHER issues). I think I’ll have to take them BOTH to the shop. Here’s hoping I have time before I have to go back offshore. 🙂


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