This Dumbo Octopus Video Will Melt Your Heart

This Dumbo Octopus Video Will Melt Your Heart – gCaptain Maritime & Offshore News.

I got this in an email from I subscribe to their emails and they always have something interesting to share. I really enjoyed this video of the Dumbo Octopus.

Dumbo octopus

Dumbo octopus

I actually watched quite a few videos of them before, I thought they were really cute. 🙂

I was trying to find some information on this other creature I saw on the ROV video feed while I was working last hitch. The ROV crew called it a ‘heart’ or ‘sea heart’ or ‘heart of the sea’. Nobody knew what they were really called or what kind of creature they were.

I looked and looked all over the internet. I found all sorts of really weird stuff, but nothing I could say for sure was the same creature we were seeing from our ship.

It looked a little bit like some of the online pictures of the Dumbo octopus.

The closest thing I could say would have to be a vampire squid, which also looks a lot like some of the pictures of the Dumbo octopus.

vampire squid

vampire squid

But it turns out, it was really some sort of swimming sea cucumber. I’ll do some more posts about these creatures, but for now here’s a photo of one type of swimming sea cucumber (there are many different types).



I’ll try to get back on track for Wild Wednesday and post some more about it by then. I have some video from the ship I can post. 🙂

3 thoughts on “This Dumbo Octopus Video Will Melt Your Heart

  1. It’s truly amazing to think about all that lives in the ocean – the swimming cucumber is incredible!!
    I have to say I admire your admiration for the sea, as it tends to evoke more of a fear in me.
    I’m trying to work on it little by little! 🙂
    ~Andrea ❤

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  2. Hi Andrea,

    Yes, the ocean has so many incredible creatures. We don’t even know anything about so much of what’s down there. It’s always been so fascinating to me. I would still like to learn more about it. I try to learn something new every day (not always about the water). 😉
    Glad to hear you’re working on it. Keep it up, you might find yourself loving it all one day. 🙂


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