Blogging 201: Day Eight- Create a Social Schedule

I am working on the assignment for Day Eight in the Blogging 201 challenge. The task is to “create a 30 day plan for how you’ll grow your presence (and your blog)” on Facebook, which is the social network I chose in the Day Seven assignment.

I’m not really sure of any “plan” yet. I just read over and followed the directions on todays assignment post (here) and created another Facebook page. I thought I already had a Facebook page that was for my blog. I wondered why it never had anything show up on it.

Turns out I didn’t really set it up correctly. I remember it being a major pain in the ass when I was trying to get it started. Now that I can just follow the directions, setting up the page was pretty simple. Its there now and seems to be working so far.

I haven’t yet posted anything to it directly from my blog. This post will be my first test. 🙂

Now for the hard part. The PLAN.

OK, I plan to ‘publicize’ all of my posts. I already do that! Now, I just need to see if they actually show up on my new Facebook blog page. They have (mostly) been showing up on my personal page (except sometimes they don’t. I think I figured out they won’t if I do a ‘gallery’ post).

I used to get quite a few referalls to my blog from my Facebook page, but I haven’t for the last couple of months. I can’t figure out what’s up with that. I hope this new page will correct that situation.

What else for the PLAN? I’ll stick to the goals I made during Day Ones assignment. And, of course, I’ll continue to do what I’m already doing on Facebook. Sharing all the interesting stuff I see that I think other people would be interested in (and generally pissing people off). 😉

I just learned something when I checked the ‘publicize settings’. It will only allow me to post to ONE Facebook page at a time. I guess thats why nothing shows up on my other page I created for this blog! So now what? Do I need to post it once on my blog page and again on my personal page? If I do that will it post twice on my other networks (Twitter, Tumblr, etc)?

I can’t really think of anything else to do with it. Does anybody else have any suggestions?



6 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Day Eight- Create a Social Schedule

  1. Facebook was a lot better before they went public. They used to send whatever you posted on your page to anyone who had liked that page in their newsfeed. Now they want you to pay them to send your posts anywhere and people’s newsfeeds are half ads (paid posts.) The really scary thing is if you google something on your computer the next time you check your newsfeed on facebook there are ads for that item.

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