Irish Icon Alternatives to Replace the Shamrock

I’m definitely with her on the sunscreen! I’m only half Irish (other half Italian) but red-headed with freckles and I ALWAYS get sunburned. 😦

As a proud second generation half-Irish American, I get very offended every year when St. Patrick’s Day comes around. It sickens me that everyone tries to take advantage of their diluted Irish heritage just to get kisses, that imbeciles think “Patty” and “Paddy” are interchangeable, and worst of all, that the Kelly green shamrock is trotted out in all the tackiest ways possible as the official mascot of all things Erin Go Bragh. I’m not anti-shamrock, but if I had been in on the meeting in which it was decided that a tiny little clover, that could easily be confused for marijuana if you squint your eyes, was going to represent me and my ginger ancestors, I would’ve voted nay. Irish people are about so much more than little plants! We’re hard workers! We have a rich culture! We could claim Niall Horan of One Direction as one of our…

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