Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Skillet Recipe

Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Skillet Recipe – Kraft Recipes.

Well this looks quick and easy and it sounds like it would taste pretty good too.

I have to admit I haven’t tried this one yet. I’ve never bought that particular dinner ‘kit’ before tho I have used other ones like the hamburger helper.

This one looks even easier than the way I usually make chicken lately (which is pretty easy). I like to start by saute-ing a bunch of onions and mushrooms in a big cast iron skillet (with REAL butter- I don’t like the fake stuff!).

Get the onions to where they’re turning clear, then throw in the sliced up chicken with the mushrooms. I’ll add some cream cheese (if I have it) and sour cream. If it gets too thick, I’ll thin it out with some heavy cream.

Boil up some pasta (whatever kind you prefer), I usually use plain spaghetti and mix it around in the pan when the chicken is done cooking. Sometimes I just skip the pasta (it’ll save a FEW calories) and just have the chicken like a thick creamy stew in a bowl.

Season it up with my usual stuff (Mrs Dash, onion salt, garlic powder) and then top it off with some Italian style cheese to melt all gooey on top. Sometimes, depending on how I feel, I might mix in some lime juice, or tequila (or both). It adds a little kick. 😉

Good stuff!

I don’t know if the mix will be as good as my recipe (I doubt it), but since it’s so quick and easy I guess it’s worth a try. I can probably find ways to fix it up some. 🙂

Give mine a try too, I think you’ll like it. You can use the ‘light’ alternatives and make it much healthier if you prefer. 😉