Zero to Hero- Day 29: Editorial Calendar

Todays assignment for the Zero to Hero Challenge is to create an Editorial Calendar.

I’ve actually been thinking of doing that for awhile (tho not in those terms). I was thinking about doing a weekly ‘Creature Feature’ showcasing some kind of cool animal. I love to go to the zoo (and aquarium, and even insectarium) and I have lots of beautiful pictures.

I thought it might also be interesting to post about the amazing things that live in the ocean. Everything from whales and walrus to the smallest zooplankton. I might even branch out to things that used to live in the ocean. Or things we used to think lived in the ocean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve always been interested in animals. I used to read entire encyclopedia sets describing wildlife from all over the world.

When I was younger I was going to be a doctor, (my fathers parents were both pharmacists), until I decided I just don’t really like people all that much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then I was going to be a vet instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

Those plans all got derailed when I went away to school on the sailing ship and decided I wanted to be a ship captain instead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I do still love nature and all aspects of it. Plants, animals, weather, the ocean, space. It’s all so interesting. A lot of it is really beautiful too. Even things you wouldn’t think of. Try looking at things in a good microscope. Almost everything in nature has that beauty.

So, I’ll be posting a weekly ‘Creature Feature’ on Wednesdays from now on. Maybe later, I’ll add some other regular features.

For now, that’s all the time I have to be sure I can get to it. I’ll continue to post as I have been. Whenever I find something interesting. I’ll try to join in on a challenge every so often. I’ll keep on posting Maritime Monday when I can keep up with it. Same with the music, food, photos, movies, books, politics, maritime, travel, drinks, etc.

Anybody have any suggestions for the first post? Something special you’d like to hear from me about?


3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero- Day 29: Editorial Calendar

  1. I love how no matter what you write about, it nearly always comes back to the sea. Not sure what you’re looking for in the creature feature, but the first two that come to mind for me are Orcas and Octopi. I recommend an editorial calendar – not so much a regular features, but just knowing what you are going to post in advance. I have an editorial calendar. I mostly keep it in my head right now, but soon I am going to need to start writing it down. The two big things on mine are, we always publish something about comics on Wednesday, because that is the day new issues come out. And, if we haven’t published something on Tolkien by Friday at Part Time Monster, I do a roundup. If you’re wanting to post consistently and do it long-term, the calendar is pretty essential. At least, that is my opinion.


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  3. Pingback: Wild Wednesday: Watch Two Cuttlefish Fiercely Fight For a Mate | Captain Jills Journeys

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