Travel Journey of the Week: New Orleans

I was looking around at the list of blog events for the Zero to Hero assignment for Day 22 and I found this one I thought would be interesting. It’s called the Travel Journey of the Week from Melissa at the Liberated Traveler’s blog.

I liked her idea of asking other people contribute by writing a post and linking back to hers. Since she seems to be focusing on FOOD, which of course New Orleans is deservedly famous for, I thought I would add to hers by posting some photos of places to find some great food in New Orleans.

I’ve got everything here from the Cafe DuMond for their famous chicory coffee and beignets to Rouses grocery store for the best muffaletta to the old JAX Brewery. World Famous restaurants Arnauds and the Bourbon House compete with less known but just as good local favorites.

You’ll find everything from classic French to Cajun and Creole. Old style steak houses. Oyster bars. Fresh seafood and local delights like catfish and alligator fixed a dozen different ways.

If you just have to have it, there’s always a slice of pizza to go with your daquiri. Hot dog stands supply snacks you can eat as you wander down Bourbon Street with your Hand Grenades and Hurricanes. It’s hard to miss a good meal in the French Quarter! 🙂


Here’s a link to the original post: Travel Journey of the Week: New Orleans at the Liberated Traveler blog.


13 thoughts on “Travel Journey of the Week: New Orleans

    • I always have a good time in New Orleans. There’s always something going on. I don’t spend as much time on Bourbon Street as I used to 😉 but I know that nobody bothers you about carrying your drinks around in the streets. That’s one of the big attractions of Bourbon Street! (I’m not sure if it’s ‘allowed’ other places around town but I’ve never seen anyone stopped for it anywhere in New Orleans, or even elsewhere in Louisiana).


  1. gorgeous photos. such an interesting place. i would love to go one day but it is a very bittersweet place for me.. it looks amazing, such a lot to see and do but i only became aware of the place because my uncle drowned in the post. a seaman in the merchant navy he had missed curfew and tried to climb abourd over the re-fuelling pipe, he fell in and somehow he wasn’t able to get back to the surface, trapped by the pipe they said. so as much as it is so high on places i would love to go i’m not sure i could go given the chance.


    • I’m sorry to hear that about your uncle. I know exactly how it could have happened, I’ve tried stunts like that myself many times (when I was younger). I hope you don’t let that memory stop you from visiting New Orleans. There is a lot to see and do there and it’s really a fun place. Maybe make some good memories to go with the bad?


  2. New Orleans is a great city to photograph. I got some great shots a few years ago. I love the buildings, the colorful shutters, the doors, the streets pretty much all of it. I will get some up on the blog soon.


    • Hey, sorry I missed your comment til now. I checked out your website, do you have those New Orleans photos posted yet? I couldn’t find them. I did really like a lot of your portraits, especially the younger kids. 🙂


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