Zero to Hero- Day 20: Pass on the Pages

Todays assignment for the Zero to Hero Challenge is to add a new page. Since I just added one a couple of days ago and it took me a loooong time to put it all together, I think I’ll take a pass on doing another one right now.

Check out the one I did the other day. You can see a link to it right under the big picture at the top of any page.

I called it my “Previous Port Calls”. I added an interactive map. I put pins on a lot of the places I’ve been to already. For some reason it always opens the page with the map focused on just about the only blank spot on it!

You can zoom in and out and move it all around and see some of the places I’ve been already. Not all of them since I got sick of fiddling with it. It took a LOT longer than I thought it would when I started it.

I thought about adding another page today with another one for places I still want to go.

Then I thought about how much time it took me to get the other one to an acceptable stage of development and I said the hell with it! 😉

Instead, I thought I’d play around a little bit more with yesterdays assignment. I went to the zoo last week and took TONS of pictures. It usually takes me a while to get around to uploading them all.

I thought I might post a few of just one type of thing. I decided to do this post on Cnidarians. I think they’re interesting creatures. I especially like the corals, they look like they’re made up of hundreds of tiny little anemones. They actually are colonies of individual animals. If you look close at them, you can tell. They build the reefs that are so wonderful to dive on.

So much sea life depends on the coral reefs. Anemones decorate the ocean like colorful flowers. Lots of times they’ll have cute clownfish- ‘Nemo’ 🙂 – hiding in their tentacles. They’re safe there but those tentacles are deadly to other small creatures the anemone feeds on.

I also like the jellyfish. I think a lot of them are really beautiful and graceful.

People usually don’t think about them much, they don’t get the respect they deserve. Corals, anemones and jellyfish all belong to the cnidarians.

Yesterdays assignment was to try a different format, so I’ll try to make a gallery here.

Well, looking at the previews, I don’t see ANY difference at all in doing this as a ‘standard’ post or a ‘gallery’ post except that it says ‘gallery’ at the top. I thought it might show the photos off in a different way. Do I need to make them much smaller to get them to show up in a grid style? How small? I have them mostly at 300 x 200 now.

Anybody know how to get them to go in a grid? Thanks!

PS- Thanks to michelleweber at the zerotohero forum, now I am able to do a proper gallery. I think it does make a difference. Do you like it better?

PS- I was going to title this post Zero to Hero- Day 20: Pass on the Pages, Prior Had Posted Previous Port Calls but thought it was too long. 😉


Any comment? questions? suggestions? Speak up!

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