Zero to Hero- Day 18: Socializing

The assignment for the Zero to Hero Challenge for Day 18 is to ‘explore one or more social networks’.

Link the account to your blog and ‘create a strategy for how you’ll use it’. I have no idea what to do with that. Strategy??? WTH? I’m just fumbling along here…

OK, I have the little share buttons beneath every post so if anyone really likes something and would like to share it, there’s an easy way to do it. (hint, hint!!) 😉

I already have accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr and they are linked to this blog. You can see the feeds for them along the right side and the bottom of my home page.

The Facebook one just shows people who’ve liked my JP Friedman page instead of the actual feed. I don’t know why it only does that. I still haven’t figured out how to get the Facebook feed to work on here but maybe it’s better to just leave it the way it is.

My blog posts do show up on my Facebook page (most of the time). I do get some comments there, tho it surprises me I don’t get more. 😉

I have a LOT more interesting stuff showing up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds from all kinds of interesting people! I love to go on Facebook and catch up with all my old friends and sometimes I meet new friends through them, or even people who just happen to join in a discussion.

I think it’s a fantastic invention (social media) to keep people informed and interacting with each other, physical location is no barrier.

I post a lot of things to Facebook and Twitter when I don’t have much time to comment personally but still think something is interesting enough to pass along and I think people might get a kick out of it.

I also have accounts at Tumblr and Pinterest and they are also linked here (at least I see things from this blog showing up on my Tumblr feed).

I do also have a Linkedin account but I try to keep that one more focused on work and professional type things. I occasionally share something from my blog there but I’m more concerned about that site potentially harming my job prospects.

More and more places are checking out your online presence both before and during your employment there. I totally disagree with this practice! grrrrr!

I think it is completely wrong that your employer has anything to say about what you do on YOUR time! They pay you for a certain amount of work, they do NOT own you! They do NOT own one more second of your life than that time you are working for them and that they pay you for!

It’s bad enough that most of us are working for somebody else and can’t really do what we would prefer to be doing with our limited time here on this planet. It’s a real shame that our employers want to limit us even more than they already do. 😦

My Linkedin account is actually where I have the most contacts and some great conversations. According to them, I have a few million people in my ‘network’. 🙂 Too bad I have to (self) censor myself on there in fear for my present and future employment prospects. It’s a real shame!




2 thoughts on “Zero to Hero- Day 18: Socializing

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. Social media is great and all those platforms your have mentioned add something to my social media repertoire. My children are growing up in the social media era where all the online traces of all of their lives are there for all to see. They will be much more attune and savvy to the place and function of social media in their lives.


    • You’re welcome. 🙂
      Yeah, the kids are all very into it. I sometimes wonder if that’s good or bad. I think it’s great when you can keep in touch with people all over the world through these things, but I think it’s bad when I see so many people stuck face down in their phones, ipads, etc when they’re outside in the real world. It’s very isolating then.
      I think we’re all going to be in for a major change in our outlook once we really understand that NOTHING we do or say online is ever going away. All the stupid things we got away with when we were kids is going to hang around our kids necks forever! Thoughtful people are already self-censoring. I think that’s a bad thing. Some people would probably say it’s great. 😦


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