Zero to Hero- Day 2- ‘About’ Widget

Todays assignment for the Zero to Hero challenge is to add an ‘about widget’. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that and I’m still not sure I got it right.

I fiddled around with it all night. I finally got it to look a little bit like what I was going for (but I’m still not happy with it). I used an image widget instead of a text one and added some text as a caption to the image.

I took the photo on the way to work a few months ago. It was on the way out of Fourchon LA when we had to ride the crewboat instead of the helicopter. I thought it conveyed the idea of searching through the fog, which is how I feel sometimes.

The idea was to make a quick descriptive widget to show people what your blog is all about. Why would they want to take a longer look?

I already had an ‘about me’ widget and also an about page. I added this new widget just to try to do the challenge for the day. I’m not really sure if I should keep it. I almost think it makes my sidebar look more cluttered.

Anybody out there have any comments? I’d appreciate any feedback.



3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero- Day 2- ‘About’ Widget

  1. I can’t actually see your side-bar, and I can’t see your About widget at the bottom of the post. This may be because I read on a net-book with a 10″ screen, but usually if the page is too wide to display, I can scroll sideways.

    I don’t think an About Me widget goes well with an About widget. It is one or the other: why should people come to the blog- About- or read the writer- About Me- is really the same question.

    (Actually, thinking as I write, they may go together because they are different questions, and a reader can be separately attracted to the Writer or the Topic. Oh well.)


    • Hi Clare,
      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I thought the same, that it was too much to put both. Now I’m thinking the about widget links to my about page, the about me links to a different page which is about me and not really about my blog. I think I’ll leave it there a little while and see if I get any reaction to it.


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