NaBloPoMo: It’s Over!

Whew! It’s over! I did it! I managed to do a post a day for the entire month of November! 🙂

I don’t know how many of you noticed the little square flag down towards the bottom right of my blog. It’s for the National Blog Posting Month of November. I saw a post about it on another blog and thought it would be interesting. So, I joined the challenge.

I thought it would be motivational (it was) and challenging (it was) and help me get some exposure (I’m not sure that worked out).

I think I need to go back to just doing these posts when I have the time and inclination. I didn’t really like the feeling that I HAD to get one done. So, if you don’t see anything from me for a little while, nothing’s wrong. I’m just taking a break. 😉

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: It’s Over!

  1. Forcing yourself to write is always a mistake! I took 4 months off and it was great. Now I am writing more notes and getting ready to post a lot over the winter. Make sure you really care about what you are writing and then it will come easy! 🙂


      • wow! I admire your dedication! it was fun but I started feeling stressed on HAVING to come up with something for the day. I want this to stay fun and stress free so taking a break. I’m sure I’ll do it again once I have some more time off work. I have a couple of things I want to post on but they need some time to work on them, not quickies.
        I’ll be checking back to see how you’re doing.


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