Pack your kids homemade lunch; get fined

Mom packs kids homemade lunch; school fines her and feeds kids Ritz Crackers | Grist.

Here’s another post to go with the earlier one I posted about school lunches (…weve-ever-seen ). I’m really starting to think there’s something pretty fishy going on. Looks like from this article, it might be a world wide problem. This article is actually referring to an incident that happened in Canada. I thought this kind of craziness was only happening in the USA, I guess I was wrong.

The article is a little sarcastic 😉 but I think it makes some good points. Like WHY should a good lunch consist of things with preservatives, artificial colorings/flavorings, or GMOs? Personally, I would be asking just what business is it of the schools, the government or anybody else what I choose to feed my kids for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner)?

WTF has gotten into people? That they think they have ANY business to tell anybody else what they can or can’t eat? I have my thoughts on this and of course I am going to tie it all into government health care (and other forms of government control). I know Canada has had socialized health care for years. So, no big surprise they are doing this sort of thing. I’m more surprised they haven’t already been doing it for years.

I AM surprised that WE have started it. After all, Obamacare isn’t even fully in effect here yet. If I was going to get into it, I might say I think it might have something to do with the UNs Codex Alimentarius  (

Of course, most people think it’s time for me to get out my tin hat when I bring up things like that. Wacky conspiracy theories and all that. Is it really all that important if it’s a conspiracy theory or not if it’s really happening? What does it matter if it’s a conspiracy or not?

Check it out. There’s the link. Yeah, it all looks so wonderful, just like everything the UN comes up with. It knows what’s best for all of us, riiiiiiigggght…..


One thought on “Pack your kids homemade lunch; get fined

  1. You have this one exactly right although it has nothing to do with Obama Care. This has been going on for a long time. There was story in news about a little girl whose mom packed her a turkey sandwich and an apple and because she did not have any vegetables in the lunch the school made the child throw it away and eat the school lunch of, get ready for it, fried chicken nuggets!!!

    Schools all of a sudden are trying to force children to eat healthier but by doing so are also trampling all over parents rights to feed their children first of all, what they will eat and second of all what they want their children to have.

    The little girl in this story threw the school prepared nuggets in the trash and went without lunch that day. She wanted her mom’s turkey sandwich not the schools cafeteria nuggets!

    Parents are now being arrested if the school thinks their children are over weight and some parents do feed their children crap. I know many who live at McDonald’s and never have a home cooked healthy meal for their kids but that is really none of the schools or the government’s business.

    It is sad that children are being fed crap by their parents but maybe if these parents made a living wage, they could afford healthier foods and maybe if the fast food restaurants did not offer such great prices, parents would not run to them to feed their children.

    The bottom line is no school district and no government should ever be telling anyone what their child can and can not eat.

    You know my mother and grandmother made me an obese child and when I turned 14 I decided for myself how to eat healthy and lose weight. Parents do have a duty to feed their children properly, but it seems that if a turkey sandwich is tossed in the garbage simply because the school did not prepare it, we have gone too far!


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