None Dare Call It…

None Dare Call It… | Laissez-Faire Bookstore.

Interesting article from Laissez-Faire. It talks about Obamacare and how no one in the insurance industry is really speaking out against it. Yeah, I noticed that too. I know the insurance industry had a hand in the creation of Obamacare.

I admit, I have not read the ‘law’. No, I haven’t got through even 10 pages of it’s 4000 or so. I don’t know exactly everything it says. I only know about a few of the things it’s supposed to do. But I’m pretty sure the big insurance companies didn’t allow Obama or anyone else to cut their throats. To REALLY do them any damage.

MONEY runs this country and there’s no way this situation is any different than any other in the last 100 years. Big money has protected itself at the expense of the rest of us. Let’s wait and see? Or lets get rid of it before it hammers the final nail into our coffin?

I’m pretty sure the insurance companies are going to benefit from Obamacare. WE, (regular people) are the only ones who are really going to be hurt by it. Regardless of the hope that Obamacare will help the little guy, I can pretty much guarantee that the little guy is the only one that is going to get hurt by it.

If it doesn’t hurt you by turning your hospital into a depressingly substandard VA experience, or turning a visit to your doctor into a visit to the DMV (remember the last time you renewed your drivers license). It will for SURE hurt you when it becomes the final straw that breaks our financial system!

Then we’ll all be in the same sinking boat together. Of course the fat cats that created this mess will probably escape. You DID notice that they all exempted themselves from Obamacare, right? Unless you’re a much better prepper than I am, the rest of us are just going to get screwed. 😦

The worst part of this whole scenario is what they mention towards the end of the article. The people who work in the insurance industry are not the only ones fearfully staying silent. The writer mentions remembering East Germany and the pervasive atmosphere of FEAR.

I can already see signs of it here. I have felt it myself. It’s all I can do to keep my mouth shut at the airport. I have to do it for fear of being hauled off to be ‘indefinitely detained’ and lose my RIGHT to travel forever.

All for simply wanting to exercise my RIGHT to travel FREELY and my RIGHT to speak freely about the loss of that right too!

I have talked to dozens of people since 9/11. Almost all of them are willing to justify our huge loss of liberty in some sadly delusional trade for safety. Apparently, most of them have fallen for the security theater in our airports and truly believe it is really doing something other than stripping them of their freedoms along with their dignity.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to live like that. To choose to give up your freedom for ANYTHING, much less an impossibility like total safety. It’s really sad. 😦

No, it’s not (JUST) Obamacare, that’s bothering me, that’s wrong here. It’s the entire system! The basic reasons for the founding of this country are being lost little by little. People just don’t care any more. Either they want ‘free stuff’ like the health care that Obamacare (falsely) promises. Or they are living in such FEAR that they are willing to not only give up THEIR right to live freely, but giving away MY rights too. 😦


One thought on “None Dare Call It…

  1. Insurance companies are the reason we need Obama Care in the first place.

    Insurance companies that charge HEALTHY women double what they charge men for the same health care policy. Insurance companies that would rather pay or try to deny treatment for stage 4 cancer while refusing to cover at no charge and no deductible preventive testing for cancer so it is caught early and less treatment is needed.

    Insurance companies that put lifetime caps on those who have paid premiums for decades so the insurance company can cut their losses and allow a long time customer to die rather than continue to pay to keep them alive.

    Then we have those that we, who pay for health care end up having to pay for because they refuse to be responsible and pay for themselves. Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, hospitals are not allowed to deny care to anyone who can not pay meaning that many run to the ER like it is a doctor’s office and then run out on the bill, leaving it for responsible tax payers to cover as well as paying our own insurance and medical bills.

    I am not as happy with Obama care as I thought I would be because at first it was supposed to force every American to have health insurance and finally pay for their medical expenses with their money instead of mine and my husbands. Now it appears because once again, health care is still a right only for those who have lived an irresponsible life and had children they cannot afford or refuse to take responsibility for their lifestyle, Obama Care seeks to expand Medicaid, meaning more people will get free health care while my husband and I will probably pay more for less.

    Our insurance plan will cease to exist on April 1, 2014. At that time we will be given choices of what we would like to replace it. If ti is more than we pay now, we will refuse. Possibly go to the exchange or just pay the penalty in taxes to become one of the 47 million who seem to be able to get good health care without ever having to pay one dime for it.

    We are the only nation in the world that forces hard working tax paying citizens to pay for not only their own health care, but the health care of illegal immigrants and all those Americans who refuse to work, those who use their uterus as a career and get out of work and taxes card!

    I love being able to say I can afford health insurance and my medical bills. I am proud that my husband and I work hard and take our responsibilities seriously. What we are tired of is paying the bills of those who only look for a free ride and have no integrity and refuse to accept any responsibility for anything they choose to do in life because there is always supposed to be some tax funded program to take care of them.

    9-11 was a result of people in our government not living up to their responsibility and ignoring warning signals from terrorists.

    The way health care is being administered in America right now is also a warning sign. It needs to be fixed or some really bad things will happen.


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