6 Sky Events This Week: Taurids, Lagoon, and Neptune

6 Sky Events This Week: Taurids, Lagoon, and Neptune – News Watch.

I love watching the stars at night. I miss being able to see them clearly. Its just SO amazing sky watching from a ship at sea without all the light pollution we get at home.

Looks like the Taurids (meteors) will be the main thing to look for tonight. Venus and Cassiopeia should be bright and easy enough to spot, even with the lights of the city around and no need of a telescope.

I’ll be back at sea by Thursday but I don’t expect to be able to do much star gazing, there’s not much chance of a dark ship on a drilling rig (and we would not want that to happen!!!).

I’ll have to try and go sailing again when I get in from work. 😉

A Word A Week Challenge: Two

two ships I’m learning how to do this, instead of posting my photos separately, I’m putting them all in this one post this time. That first shot is one I took while I was sailing as captain of a tuna boat. We were in port, in Tarawa (Kiribati). It’s a photo of a couple of reefer ships waiting to fill up with our catch of tuna and bring it to buyers, in someplace like Bangkok or Tokyo.

This is my entry into the Word A Week Challenge for this week. The challenge comes from this website, check it out : http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/a-word-a-week-challenge-two/ The word of the week is: TWO.

So, my photos all have 2 of something.

2 boats

2 boats- I took this while searching for the boat builders on Sulawesi Indonesia, the seaweed harvest was going on, everyone was out helping

2 chickens

2 chickens- during the seaweed harvest, Sulawesi Indonesia

2 buffalos

2 buffalos- on the roadside on the way to look for the boat builders, Sulawesi Indonesia

2 dancers

2 dancers- at a dance exhibition, Ubud Bali

2 cooks

2 cooks- at a night market, Singapore

2 girls

2 girls- getting ready for temple, Bali

2 bugs

2 bugs

2 pansies blooming

2 pansies blooming

2 butterflies

2 butterflies

I had a ton of fun taking these pictures, looking back at them makes me want to take off again and go somewhere exciting, but for now I’m stuck at home and back to work in only one more day. 😦

I sure hope the new year brings me more adventures! 😉

Are You on a Government Watch List?

  • I’m sure I’m on at least one. 😉