The Founders Understood The Dangers Of Welfare And Redistribution Schemes

The Founders Understood The Dangers Of Welfare And Redistribution Schemes : Personal Liberty™.

Along with my last post, here is one more example of how the meanings of the words have been corrupted and now we are basing our political system on misunderstandings.

I have had discussions with a lot of people who say that the ‘welfare clause’ in the Constitution authorizes the federal government to do what they do. That they can continue to spend any amount of money on any program they choose to invent as long as it is intended to ‘help’ somebody.

I disagree. I disagree vehemently!! This article has some direct quotes from Benjamin Franklin and James Madison proving that my interpretation of the word welfare in the Constitution is the correct one and anyone who uses that term to justify ANY of the welfare (for rich or poor) today is just plain WRONG!

Alienable Rights = Glorified Privileges

Alienable Rights = Glorified Privileges.

Very good article by Kelly Diamond! I have been noticing for a LONG time that most people don’t have any kind of idea of what ‘rights’ are. This article does a good job of explaining what they are.

People now a days seem totally confused. They don’t seem to understand that there is a BIG difference between natural rights (which belong to everyone regardless of whether any person or even government recognizes that fact) and those ‘rights’ we enjoy because of the society we live in.

Because of this confusion, we are losing more and more of our natural rights. Our government, which was expressly created for the sole purpose of PROTECTING those rights is instead intent on chipping them away to nothing.

Diamond makes some good points about the ‘freedom of the press’ guaranteed to us by our Constitution and how Dianne Feinstein (and others) are working right now to restrict that freedom even more. As a blogger (and hopefully one day able to do more), I am NOT happy with the arrogance of ‘our leaders’ latest attempts to decide who can and can not be considered a journalist re: freedom of the press.

ALL of us should be considered able to publicize whatever we feel is news. That is what the internet has done for ALL of us! Who the hell does Feinstein think she is, to decide what can and can’t be published? Who can/can’t be considered a ‘real’ journalist? What information is OK or NOT OK to be publicized?

The reason the founders included ‘freedom of the press’ in the Bill of Rights was to ensure that we could always get information that the government might prefer to keep secret! The mainstream media has not been doing their job at all for the last few years (at least). Thank goodness for the internet and ordinary people posting to the internet!